Brexit hasn't happened yet. All this economic feel good is what's left in the bottle plus some nice sterling devaluation. It will hit. Just the added bureaucracy, the cost or running the bureaucracy for government and companies, the delays it will cause, the learning curve for everyone will pull the UK economy down.

Every now and again I come across unexpected declarations of "I voted for leave", because we are different and take control and all that. History is easily forgotten but I agree that "they" are different.

I don't know if it is the TV and the newspapers but I feel pushed out although I still want (and like to) work here. I'm white, my English is passable and I know what "fools and horses" and "dad's army" are - I can easily ignore the xenophobia - but it is there, a constant distance maintained towards emigrants, a constant passive aggressive mild socially acceptable racism, calling people Lucy, rubbishing the Americans, pointing at Romanian and Portuguese neighbourhoods as no go places.

Now Scotland has reasons to go because it had voted to stay in the UK and by extension in the EU, and now the UK is leaving the EU and by extension Scotland is too. It voted twice to stay in the EU and it will vote a third time to stay in the EU.

Theresa May is enjoying this, I think she was always for Brexit but tactically decided to stay with the Cameroons instead of the Faragistas because it looked like that would be the winning bet. Mrs Full Surveillance. I just wish all was spelled clearly: we don't want all of you here. Maybe it has been spelled clearly now that I think of it.

Miguel Esteves Cardoso once wrote that civilization is English ladies being racists inside a small country village shop, a black person comes in, everyone is polite and normal, the black person leaves the shop and the English ladies resume. A local shop for local people. I'm not sure if this is good or bad: realising your nature and regardless of that acting on the knowledge of what is decent or not, or just waiting to really come out and act accordingly - as it seems to have just happened.

We'll see what comes of this and how the world settles, US, UK, Europe. Time passes that is the only thing we can count on.


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