From: Dwayne Johnson

Sent: 13 April 2017 09:14
Subject: RE: Easter


I'm inclined towards Elon's hypothesis, that there is a remote possibility this is all a simulation. The granularity of reality at atomic scales looks a lot like pixels and bits.


An even more pragmatic reason to believe in God is that if there is a God, and you ate hot cross buns unbelievingly for Easter, the punishment will be extra harsh, 10 more days in purgatory per blasphemous bun. So, just in case, believe.


Jesus also left 15 minutes earlier to do his via sacra and make it to crucifixion on time.


Happy Easter,




From: Vin Diesel
Sent: 13 April 2017 08:52
Subject: Easter


Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Space X, Tesla and Paypal, has told an interviewer there is only a "one in billions" chance that we're not living in a computer simulation.

Speaking at San Francisco's Code Conference this week, Musk said that he has had "so many simulation discussions it's crazy", and that it got to the point where "every conversation [he had] was the AI/simulation conversation".

He also claimed that, if we're not living in a simulation, we could be approaching the end of the world.

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) offers a pragmatic reason for believing in God: even under the assumption that God's existence is unlikely, the potential benefits of believing are so vast as to make betting on theism rational. The super-dominance form of the argument conveys the basic


Pascalian idea, the expectations argument refines it, and the dominating expectations argument gives a more sophisticated version still.


Provided that we are all up to speed and there is no major drama with the platform and clients happy etc  the office will close at 5.15pm and we miss the Europark exit gridlock.


It has been customary for hot cross buns to appear in the kitchen – my senses seem to infer that Jalapeno Sausage rolls are in ascendancy ……. Happy Easter and enjoy the break.

Vin Diesel



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